Scores Sports Bar facility has a full bar that will serve everyone. We have different varieties of drinks, which include wine, beer, and much more. We have plasma screen TVs to show televised sporting events, a jukebox and for customer enjoyment. We offer food service, which includes hamburgers, wings, and many other foods. Scores Sports Bar has enacted strict policies regarding underage drinking, and we always comply with all state regulations concerning the sale of alcohol to the general public.

Scores Sports Bar is located in the heart of the bustling Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our venue hosts a restaurant, garden and late-night bar. We are open for business, seven days a week.

Rock up, chill out in the garden, or grab a table in the bar. Drinkers and thrill-seekers can meet us at the bar where Minneapolis’s longest happy hour runs every day from the time we open till midnight. Security and safety are essential. Therefore, we will provide security personnel to protect our clients.

If you’re visiting our city and looking for the tastiest food and best drink, then look no further than Scores Sports Bar. Don’t miss out on the most delicious meals in Minneapolis, along with some great drinks and a good football game!

The Scores Sports Bar opens earlier than any other bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our door opens from 11 am to 1am every day. While the sports café is open, the kitchen is open. You can enjoy a wide range of foods at any time. We have a dining area with a seating capacity of 90 persons, and in the outdoor, we can accommodate 20 persons. Our state of the art sports bar offers visitors different perks with luxury and comfort thrown in for good measure. This provides an amazing view of the bar.

You can stay till late at night in our bar. The outdoor space can accommodate 20 persons, so you don’t need to worry if you want to enjoy the outer view. Casual dining table service is also provided, and there are televisions so you can watch the entire sporting events that are